1-Life Equipping Course


You have one life – start the journey with Jesus
Let your journey with God begin by answering the profound question: “Who do people say the Son of Man is?”
The revamped Alpha Course is an extremely valuable tool to help set people up in their relationship with God. Join the 10-week process designed to ask the questions you have always had about God.

1-Life – UNITE-IT

You have one life – walk united with Jesus
UNITE-IT is the starting point if you are considering making THE BASE your home.
Join us, as we talk about where we come from, where we are going, what we believe & how you can unite with us in this local expression of God’s family.
Unite-It is a relational & interactive platform, over 7 weeks. During this time we hope to get to know each other better and become united around the foundational truths of our faith.

1-Life – FIX-IT

You have one life – allow Jesus to fix it
Even the most skilled and experienced fishermen have to mend their nets.
Fix-It equips us with the practical tools God provided for us to identify and deal with the roots & fruits of sin in our lives so that we can be fully mended.

1-Life – GIVE-IT

You have one life – use it to work with Jesus
Have you ever wondered what God planned for your life and how He gifted you to fulfil your specific purpose?
Give-It helps us to identify, celebrate and mobilize our giftings.
During this course, we will come to understand what the various giftings are, how to use it and become mobilised for service by the Holy Spirit

1-Life – LIVE-IT

You have one life – hear Jesus speak to you
Ever wanted to be “naturally supernatural”?
In Live-It we learn about and practice the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit, particularly the practice of the prophetic in our lives

1-Life – DO-IT

You have one life – use it to make fishers of men
We jump into the practice of evangelism – learning how to become effective in bringing the power of the gospel into the world