Welcome to THE BASE!

We are excited about meeting you, getting to know you, & growing with you.

The Base

[What we believe]

At THE BASE we believe that the church is alive in & for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church has been entrusted with the gospel so that we can bear witness of who God is & what He is like.

When we speak of the gospel, we specifically mean the gospel of God, which is defined by:

  • The love of the Father
  • The obedience of the Son &
  • The power of the Holy Spirit

[Our Purpose]

Our purpose is to see the gospel transform everyone. THE BASE exists to be:

  • Grounding people in hope – through the resurrection life of Christ in the Spirit
  • Growing people in love – as the love of the Father gets revealed
  • Seeing people go in faith – walking in mature obedience like the Son